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Bride and Groom
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Name of Venue
Please list the details of the location or building in which the event is taking place. i.e Radisson Hotel Banquet Room, 2nd floor, no elevator present.

Venue/Event Address

Venue Phone Number

Event Day Contact Person
Please include the contact name and details for the person in charge of setting up and coordinating the event. (So we know where to go and where to setup at the venue)

Event Information

Ceremony & Reception Same Place?
A fee is applied if the DJ needs to move or setup equipment at a different location.

Ceremony Location?

Please include address if different from reception and the location/area at the venue. Also, is it in-door or out-door?

Ceremony BACKUP Location?

Center Piece / Decor Setup Time?

Ceremony Time?

Number of Ceremony Guests?

Ceremony Services Needed by DJ?
A fee is applied if not included in your package. Do you need our microphone or P.A. System? Do you need us to play ceremony music?
NOTE: Please make sure there is power outlets or extension cords within 20 feet from where the DJ will setup IF we are providing Ceremony Music for you.

Ceremony Details and Music Wanted:

Ceremony Music Example:
Prelude (Seating Music & Groom/Seating Parents): Instrumental Mix
Processional (Wedding Party): Air on the G String - Johann S. Bach
Processional (Bride Entrance): Canon in D - Johann S. Bach
Sand / Unity Candle: Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing at All
Recessional: Beatles - When I’m 64 (After Pronounced husband and wife)
Postlude (While guests are leaving ceremony site): Kool & the Gang - Celebration

We typically play romantic instrumentals of popular love songs while your guests are being seated (Prelude). If you want some specific songs for that time, let us know. We start playing music about 20 minutes before the ceremony or when guests start to arrive.

Please include which wedding party members will be walking in to which song(s) (Processional), sand or unity candle song and song to play after the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife by the officiant (Recessional). You may also choose to have a song that plays as guests exit the ceremony space (Postlude).

*NOTE: If you want your guests to hear your vows, please ask your officiant to hold the mic near you or pass it to you. Many officiants don't do this. It is up to you if you want to say it over the mic or not of course.

Bride / Groom Arrival Time at Ceremony?

Bride / Groom Arrival Time at Reception?

Guest Arrival Time at Reception?

Cocktail start time?

Grand March Introductions? Time?

Blessing / Prayer? Time?

Dinner Start Time?

Slideshow / Video Time?

Cake Cutting Time?

Speeches Time?

Dance Start Time? (Approximate)

Late Night Snacks, Time?

Dance End Time? (Approximate)


Main Entry Sign?

Table Size(s) Number Needed?

How Many People at the Head Table? (Incude Bride and Groom)

Head Table Linen? Color?

Head Table Runners? Color?

Head Table Chair Covers? Color?

Head Table Chair Sash/Ribbon? Color?

Guest Table Linen? Color?

Guest Table Runners? Color?

Guest Chair Covers? Color?

Guest Chair Sash/Ribbon? Color?

Standard Set Flatware?

Gift Table Needed? Linens? Color?

Gift Card Box?

Guest Book Table Needed? Linens? Color?

Place Card / Escort Card Table Needed? Linens? Color?

Buffet Tables Needed? Linens? Color? Qty?

Hors d' oeuvres Station Needed? Linens? Color?

Late Night Snack Station Needed? Linens? Color?

Cake / Other Dessert Table Needed? Linens? Color?

Cake Knife and Server Provided?

Cupcake Stand - Wall Decor?

Cake Utensils?

Are You Providing Center Pieces?

Center Piece Details:

Center Piece Linens Squares?

Are you Providing Place Cards (Assigned seating)?

Reserved Seating for Specific Guests? (Include how many seats needed)

Are You Providing Custom Napkins?

Napkin Details?

Any Tables Moved for Dance?


(Include Company Name and Contact Info)

Dining and Beverage Details
Hors d' oeuvres Station Details:

Dinner Type:

Menu Details:

Special diet needs if any:

Cake and Dessert Details? (how to serve, what to do with leftovers)

Late Night Snack Food Details:

Bar / Liquor Details:

Bar Staff Notes:

Wait Staff Notes:

Coordinator Needed to Release Tables for Buffet?

Client Notes / Provisions:

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