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Why Choose Our DJ Company?

What Sets Us Apart?

1. By providing a written Agreement, which is signed and agreed upon by our company and the client, we can book the date of your event and assure that no upcoming costs or hidden problems will arise.

2. Our company provides backup equipment and we keep a DJ on call in case of an emergency or illness.

Minn DJ Amp Photo3. Our company only uses Industry Standard Professional Equipment. We do NOT use home stereo level equipment, which can be unreliable and is not made for a high level of performance.

4. Our company prefers to play what the audience wants, unless you do not want us to. We DO NOT have a set play list that we follow. We take requests and try to play them at the best and appropriate times. We do as much as we can to keep the party going. You may even want to request certain songs NOT be played. It’s your event and we are here to accommodate in any way we can. We tend to save any explicit music for the last hour or two to avoid offending the older and younger crowds. We are flexible with your requests and guidance for YOUR event.

5. Dressing according to your needs is important to us; we usually wear comfortable formal attire. You get to choose how the DJ dresses!

6. Music volume is acquired based on the age range of the crowd. Our company will play music at whatever level you like, keeping in mind your younger and older guests.

Professional Speaker Pic7. We allow you to choose music that you would like and allow you to plan your entertainment throughout the night and have you complete an onine planner to help you plan your event.

8. Your input and suggestions are always welcome. Any information about your friends and family can help us to choose the best mix of music for your guests. Also we allow you to choose as much music as you would like for your event.

9. Many people are choosing to have DJ’s versus live music for parts of or all of their Ceremony music. We can compose and mix custom tracks and are very willing to work hand in hand with singers or musicians.

10. Not many Reception Halls offer dinner music, that’s where we come in. We offer dinner/social hour music typically consisted of instrumentals.

11. Overtime isn’t a problem. A typical show is about four hours, if everyone is having a good time we are happy to run a little longer.

12. If you have a family member/friend who can really sing, and you would like them to do so, we can usually accommodate for that, but we do need to know this ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.

13. We allow our clients to be interactive and to call the shots if they choose. We allow you to make your own announcements or we will handle all of the announcements for you. It is the clients choice. However, we do not believe that in order to have a good performance that we need to do a lot of talking. We do invite people to the dance floor when we feel it is necessary and are willing to get involved with dances.

Champagne Photo14. It is a very nice gesture to offer a gratuity to your DJ. This is not included in the cost and is not expected. Offering a tip is completely at your discretion. IE: typical gratuities are around 5-15% of the total cost. But we do not require a fee for tips or any hidden charges at anytime.

15. Why choose us over a band? Bands are a great source of entertainment, but they can never have as wide of a repertoire as we do. No matter how good the band is, they will never sound as good as the original artist recordings. Also, we play non stop.

16. We don't ever take any breaks unless they are required for announcing, accidents, power outages or the rare occasion of equipment overload or malfunction.


5 Star DJ Reviews

I loved these guys! I planned a lot of things last minute and within a week of my wedding, they booked me, arranged everything, and even got me a last minute projector for a video my husband made. The DJ played the appropriate music during the early stages of the reception for family and kids and then brought on more of a party atmosphere for that late party go-ers. We had so much fun! The reception was in a backyard in a suburban neighborhood and the volume was kept at a reasonable level all evening. They did not hassle me with a bunch of advertisements through social media or phone calls, as they only asked for a review through email, which was nice. They are professional, thoughtful, time efficient, and good people. BOOK THEM! :)
Sara K.
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We have no set play lists and play to the crowd that appears that day.  All genres are covered by our extensive music library, which is up to date with today’s hottest songs and of course all the good old ones too.


We also offer many more services than most of our competition:

• Event Planning
• DOC (Day of Coordinator)
• Custom Music
• Ceremony Music
• Dinner MusicVines
• Photography
• Photo Booths
• Offiiciants
• Slide show Creation
• DVD Creation
• Games & Props
• Invitation Print & Design
• Master of Ceremonies
• Projector Rental
• Referrals & Affiliates
• Emergency Service
• FREE Wedding Checklist
• And Much More!


Even More Helpful Info can Be found on Our FAQ Page.

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